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Our Purpose


Connecting Needs with Resources

Why ....

The Huntsville/Madison County community is rich with organizations and individuals that have the skills, resources, and desire to make a difference.  As with any thriving community, we are also home to individuals that need a place to stay, a ride to the doctor, a clean set of clothes.  Even with so many groups with good intentions and resources, there is still a lack of connection between the agencies themselves and between the agencies and the clients, resulting in duplication of some services while others remain scarce.

Our Mission

How ...

Community Connections is a collaborative case management network to better serve clients; streamlining the referral process and providing intensive case management to connect families and individuals with services.  Users may utilize an on-line, cloud based tool - Charity Tracker - to make referrals, track client services, collaborate with one another, and leverage each agency's resources.

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